Case 06: Jockey Club New Arts Power (Sep 2017 – Present)

About Project:

JOCKEY CLUB New Arts Power is an arts festival organised by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, showcasing works by local artists who are flourishing and esteemed in the global arts scene, and are bringing high quality works to the Hong Kong audience. Education kits are produced to accompany most of programmes and school events.

Our Role:
We are commissioned as editor of the education kits, responsible for the whole workflow from concepts development to copywriting to design coordination.

Our Tasks:

Concept Development:
– Brainstorm of ideas together with artists
– Proposing flow and content of each kit
– Research on suitable content
– Design of small games and activities

Editorial and Production:
– Write-up of interviews
– Copywriting
– Translation
– Proofreading

Production Coordination:
– Advice on layout presentation
– Coordination of comments on design