Case 04: The Mills (Jul – Dec 2016)

About Project:

The Mills revitalises Nan Fung Textiles’ old factory building to become a creative hub that celebrate Hong Kong’s industrial legacy and promotes applied creativity that centres around textiles and technology.

Our Role:

We seconded a team of two members to perform corporate communications functions in the capacity of in-house staff, providing full-spectrum communication services from collateral production to media relations to events management.

Our Tasks:

Collaterals Production:
(Internal newsletter / brand magazine / corporate brochure / corporate info card)
– Editorial coordination
– Translation, copyediting and proofreading
– Design and production coordination
– Distribution

Public Relations:
– Media relations for all activities
– Coordination with PR agency for major campaigns as in-house PR consultant
– Following-up of interviews
– Reports for top management

Events Management:
(Pitch Day / Holiday Shopfloor)
– Invitation of guests and participants
– Coordination with contestants (for Pitch Day) and vendors (for Shopfloor)
– Coordination with production house and venue management
– On-site logistics

Social Media Management:
(2 sets of social media channels for different targets)
– Content production
– Copywriting, translation
– Social media updating
– Facebook advertisement

Online Communications Management:
– Maintaining e-newsletter system
– Editorial and production of e-newsletters
– Maintenance of corporate websites
– Advice on website revamp