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Press release sent by Cultural Connections on behalf of The Metroplex.

Sundance Film Festival Returning to Hong Kong

(30 April, 2015) Sundance Institute and The Metroplex will present the Sundance Film Festival: Hong Kong in September 2015, following the success of the first event last year and again bringing American independent filmmakers and their work to this Asian metropolis.

The Sundance Film Festival – Hong Kong Selects in 2014 was well attended by enthusiastic audiences. The Festival presented a wide range of films, including the Hong Kong premiere of Whiplash, which later received five Academy Award nominations, winning three. The 16 screenings were accompanied by wraparound music and interactive art programs, and many among the audiences have been looking forward to the festival’s return.

The upcoming Sundance Film Festival: Hong Kong will take place 17-27 September, covering Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday for two consecutive weekends and screen 10 films featured in the 2015 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, U.S.A. Newly added to this year’s festival will be a workshop for young filmmakers and film composers. And to continue last year’s momentum, a great variety of cultural events will be staged, manifesting the independent spirit across art forms.

The Sundance Film Festival: Hong Kong will again draw on the two organizers’ strengths: the Sundance Film Festival’s 30-year history of discovery and innovation and The Metroplex’s commitment to supporting film culture, creativity and innovation.

Josephine Lam and Stuart Wang, Directors of The Metroplex, said, “The tremendous success of last year’s festival has proven that Hong Kong embraces the creativity of independent filmmaking. With our goal of supporting the strong emerging independent film culture in Hong Kong, we are excited for the continued collaboration with Sundance Institute on the Sundance Film Festival: Hong Kong in 2015. We look forward to working with the Sundance Institute team again to bring a world-class film festival to Hong Kong, and to further stimulate the creativity of young local independent filmmakers and foster the interest of new upcoming talent.”

John Cooper, Director of the Sundance Film Festival, said, “This event allows us to extend the tremendous energy and excitement of our Sundance Film Festival to adventurous audiences in an international location where these films are less often seen. We look forward to building a program that is special to Hong Kong and, like our centerpiece Festival, is fueled by a spirit of discovery and creativity.”

Program details for the Sundance Film Festival: Hong Kong will be announced in the next few months, via the festival website and other channels.


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